Alba Innovár

Digital Learning Centre, Székesfehérvár

The Alba Innovár Digital Learning Centre offers programs and activities for schools and families.

The main aim of the Centre is to give an overview of the world of digitalization focusing on developing 21st century skills.

One of the basic concept of Alba Innovár is the coding, robotics, 3D creation, virtual reality and the methods of the digital pedagogy increase students’ readiness to the information society and make them digital citizens able to plan their careers in IT and all other fields related to digitalization.

Alba Innovar provides equal opportunity for everyone and teachers mentor students through daily activity and workshops as well.

Alba Innovar Digital Learning Centre


Our teachers instruct students in more places. In the exhibition room humanoid robots, virtual reality and interactive wizefloor entertain visitors. Upstairs students can work with microcontrollers, Lego robots and 3D printers. But learning is not only here an experience – we have an escape room in the basement where everybody can guess the riddles based on the digital world through an exciting team-game.


Laufer Tamás

Head of Alba Innovár

Advisory Board President of the Székesfehérvár Progress Foundation


Forray Mónika

Deputy Manager of Alba Innovár

Secretary of the Székesfehérvár Progress Foundation


Báldy Katalin

vocational instructor


Gerse István

senior master


Gugolya László

professional leader, humanoid robots-programmer


Gyimesi Csaba



Kissné Duró Ágota



Pauszné Bodnár Beáta



Bekker-Nagy Zsuzsa



Füki Gyula



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